the nine tailed beast

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the nine tailed beast Empty the nine tailed beast

Post  minato on Mon May 25, 2009 8:42 am

i ran into the forest i was ready to destroy this beast. i ran a few miles until i saw him. it was the nine tailed beast. he was more than 20 feet tall. he smashed his tails down and the ground whipped up. i stood my ground and threw lightning kunai at him. i also threw senbons in all his vital areas. he then whipped his tails around my body and i was trapped. i used a summoning jutsu and summoned my giant toad. they fought each other down. then i used my ultimate technique. the rasengan i made the rasengan out of swirling chakra. then i launched at the nine tailed fox. the fox fell to the ground. i won the battle.................................................... for now


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