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Post  minato on Wed May 27, 2009 3:19 am

i was paroling the village tonight, watching for the 3 mist warriors who broke into the village. it was me and 2 other ninja kakashi and jeff. jeff is a genin and kakashi is a special jonin. jeff took on the weekest of the three. the weakest knew only the clone jutsu and transformation jutsu but he used them wisely tricking jeff and torturing his mind. kakashi was fighting the middle strengthed one who used sword related jutsus slashing at kakashi but kakashi used lightning blade and sliced through his sword and then finished him. i was facing the leader of the group who was using water jutsus. he used a jutsu that allowed him to hide in mist. and strike at random time. i froze the vapor which freezed him and his patners i then melted the ice. we won


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