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Post  minato on Mon May 25, 2009 6:37 am

they are finally here, the chunin exams!!!!!!!!!!!!. must be a genin or tracker ninja to enter your test answers will be deleted after for no cheating

part 1. written exam (worth 90 percent of final grade) if you fail you can never try again but if you quit you can try again later when it is easier because next year it will only be worth 3 percent of final grade

copy and paste the test for when you answer the questions. 1.what is the square root of pi
2.if a ninja is throwing a kunai at 160 miles per hour what is the diameters length times the squared root
3.what is 44353523636336262673732623635 times 33636363603636364867367483768436738
part 2 survive 3 days in the forest. you will receive a food pack and a tent with a sleeping bag. each person has a different ingrediant of a recipe, but some people have no food packs. should you share yours or keep it.

part3-weapons test
1.what is another name for A needle
2.what is another name for a throwing knife
3.what is another name for a throwing star
i will choose if you pass or fail

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